Poljoprivredna specifikacija Unimog

Continuing with the theme of my last piece, another ideal potential equipment platform is theagricultural spec’d Unimog, manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. These are highly versatile and very reliable vehicles equipped with capabilities typically associated with tractors — namely 3-point linkages, PTOs (Power Take Offs), and hydraulics. Just as with the tractor, a broad array of implements may be used for the purpose of repairing degraded landscapes.

From the Designers Manual:

Practical Design Considerations of Permaculture

“•The systems we construct should last as long as possible, and take least maintenance.”

“•These systems, fueled by the sun, should produce not only their own needs, but the needs of the people creating or controlling them. Thus, they are sustainable, as they sustain both themselves and those who construct them.”

“•We can use energy to construct these systems, providing that in their lifetime, they store or conserve more energy than we use to construct them or to maintain them.”

In other words, the idea is to use nonrenewable resources to establish/re-establish long-term regenerative “permanent” elements. Heavy equipment (like earthmovers, tractors, Unimogs, etc.) allows for that to be done quickly and with relatively few people. We are advocating taking advantage of the “technological opportunity” presented to us by having these tools available.

This should be a practical consideration – not an ideological one. Permaculture isn’t dogma. The tool shouldn’t be demonized; the problem to be sorted out is the intent and the purpose of the tool’s use by the one using it. Permaculture should be seen as a means to help direct and inform that intent.


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